About Us

The robust VPN solutions designed and delivered by CorporateVPN.us were born from our founders’ own needs for a high-performance virtual protected network (VPN) with a dedicated and static IP address suitable for heavy browsing and mobile application use, across multiple users and devices, while traveling the world.

The founders tested every commercially available VPN on the market, even the most expensive products offering dedicated IP solutions, and none could meet their rigorous demands or workload, continuing to encounter lockouts, geofencing, restrictions, and flagging while seeking access to mission-critical websites and applications.

Realizing they needed something much more secure and efficient to continue to access corporate life-support functions while abroad such as bank accounts, tax payment gateways, social media, mobile instant messengers, and more from blocked or restricted jurisdictions, including using the VPN in an always-on capacity, they set about creating a proprietary cloud-based solution to meet their needs, and delivered it successfully.

Years later, and after building and distributing the same VPN to numerous colleagues and partners around the world, all operating with 99% system uptime, the founders are also offering their dedicated-IP address VPN solutions to other companies or freelance users who face the same challenges.